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WoW Statistics 01.2019 – Infographic

Today I’ve made a Infographic with detailed WoW Statistics for the beginning of 2019. I think that most people in the WoW community are interested in all kinds of statistics related to WoW. Which is the most popular race at the moment ? Which is the most common profession ? How many people are playing…

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New Hunter Pets in Patch 8.1 – Blood Beasts

Are you ready for some new Hunter pets ? In patch 8.1 we will have whole new Hunter pet family – Blood Beasts! What are Blood Beasts ? Blood Beasts are the newest Hunter pet family and for now they include Crawgs and Blood Ticks. How to tame them ? Hunters will learn the ability…

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Your opinion on the Tides of Vengeance mounts – full list

Do you love collecting new mounts ? I bet you do… in the following posts we’ve gathered all of the mounts that will be added in the game with the new patch – Tides of Vengeance. As I’ve mentioned, we’ve gathered all of the Tides of Vengeance mounts, because for me it’s very important to…

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The Honest Wisp: Why do you keep playing WOW ?

WoW is now more than 14 years old and most people have more than 5 years of in-game experience (I’ve been gaming since 2007). Lately I’ve been asking myself “Why most people keep playing WoW after all this time?” Of course the answer may be very simple … the massive lore of the game ,…

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Siege of Zuldazar Raid Armor – Preview

Siege of Zuldazar is the next raid after Uldir, in which the Alliance attack the Zandalari capital. We’ve gathered datamined preview pictures of the new Cloth, Leather and Mail raid sets form Siege of Zuldazar. The team is not very impressed by most of the models, but we are looking forward for the Plate sets…

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