Hunter Netherlight Crucible Guides

As you probably all know the Netherlight Crucible is one of the new features in patch 7.3 I was going to make a very long post about the hunter choices coming with the Netherlight Crucible in patch 7.3, but then I went to the feed of my favorite blogs and I saw that there are few very well made Guides for…

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Legion PVP Gear Season 5

The new PVP Season in WOW Legion has started and with it comes the WOW Legion PVP gear for Season 5 ! Most of the sets look very good in our opinion. The difference between the Normal and Elite gear is quite significant, so we feel that there will a lot of active PVP players at the start of the Season.  Check out the…

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Legion PVP Season 5 – Hunter Armor set

In general the Season 5 Hunter PVP Set is one of the good looking sets, BUT the Elite version of the set is (in our opinion) one of the most beautiful sets from this Season. The combination of colors and shoulder/helm elements is very good and I think that a lot of Hunters will farm PVP to get this look. More Season…

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The Honest Wisp: Is Survival a Hunter Spec ?

First of all I need to say that this post represents my personal thoughts regarding the Survival Hunter Spec.  I have nearly 10 years of experience playing Hunter in WOW and I can clearly say that this is my main class. I choose this class, because it was very,very different in terms of gameplay. I was very surprised when Blizzard announced that…

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Tier 20 Sets Preview - The Tomb of Sargeras

 This post  is a summary for the Tier 20 sets in WoW Legion. The new Tier 20 sets are coming live with patch 7.2 and the new raid - The Tomb of Sargeras.   The Tier 20 sets are inspired by the Tier 6 sets from the Black Temple. Is this a lack of ideas or just a genius idea for reviving the epic…

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Hunter Tier 20

Patch 7.2 will introduce the final raid for this expansion - The Tomb of Sargeras. The tier 20 sets will be inspired by the Black Temple tier 6 sets (which were some of the best looking sets in the game). More Tier 20 Sets! Below you can see the Hunter Tier 20 sets for Normal and Mythic: pictures: mmo-champion.com

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Patch 7.2 - Class mounts

Maybe one of the most exciting new things about patch 7.2 are the Class mounts. Those mounts will be unique for each class and will be rewarded at the end of the Broken Shore / Legionfall questline/Order Hall Campaign. Each Class mount will be themed in the spirit of the Class ( and hopefully of the Spec). Class mounts were something that was…

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Hunter Tier 19

This is a short post about the new Hunter Tier 19 Set .As a Hunter, it's very important for me to see how the future Hunter Sets will look like, because we've seen some very ugly  hunter sets in the past. For this one I can only say that I love it and I hope that Blizzard will continue working…

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How to be a HUNTER, not a Huntard !

Most people don't like and even hate hunters. Even some of my friends are hunter-haters. For me there are two main reasons for that. The first one is because many of the new hunters are...retarded.The other reason is that good and experienced hunters are one of the top DPS in PVE and one of the best classes in PVP. I won't…

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Hunter PVP Talents Build - Patch 6.2

Hello PVP Hunters ! We all know that many people are not sure which are the best talents for their class and that's why I'm making this post. I can say that I have a lot of experience playing with a MM Hunter and here you will be able to see the Hunter PVP Talents build that I use. Of  course this…

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