Warlock Tier 19

This is a short post about the new Warlock Tier 19 set .  Enjoy the pictures!

Set Bonuses: 

Affliction Warlock
Warlock T19 Affliction 2P Bonus – Unstable Affliction deals 25% additional damage over time.
Warlock T19 Affliction 4P Bonus – Agony has 1.4 times the normal chance to generate a Soul Shard.

Demonology Warlock
Warlock T19 Demonology 2P Bonus – Doom has a 50% chance to generate an additional Soul Shard.
Warlock T19 Demonology 4P Bonus – Dreadstalkers last 6 sec longer.

Destruction Warlock
Warlock T19 Destruction 2P Bonus – Conflagrate gains an additional charge and 2 sec reduced cooldown.
Warlock T19 Destruction 4P Bonus – Casting Chaos Bolt reduces the cast time of your next Chaos Bolt by 20% for 2 sec.

picture: google.com

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