World of Warcraft handmade crafts

At Bestial-Wrath we strongly value people who are dedicated to art and we think they should get massive support for what they are doing.

That’s why we’ve decided to make a support post for a first time in our 10 year blogging experience.

We would like to introduce you to the crafts of the Master Jewelcrafter – EpoxyFoxy !

She is very hardworking friend of ours and she recently made a WoW related jewel – World of Warcraft earrings.

Please share your opinion on her work, because this will help her improve her jewelcrafting ability.

Below you can see the WoW earrings and if you like them you can read more about them HERE.

You also can visit the EpoxyFoxy shop to check more of her crafts.

World of Warcraft earrings-1
World of Warcraft earrings-2
World of Warcraft earrings-3

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