9 Shadowlands mounts you should know about

Mounts have always been one of the most anticipated pieces of new content in every World of Warcraft expansion and things are not different for Shadowlands. I've selected 9 Shadowlands mounts that stand out from the rest and will most probably be the most wanted mounts for the new expansion. Keep in mind that this is a personal opinion and you…

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Voidtouched Egg - what's inside ?

Have you already looted a Voidtouched Egg? If you are doing the current invasions and you haven't looted the egg…you are missing some cool free rewards. I personally was unaware of this treat and I encountered the Voidtouched Egg without looking for it. In this short post, I've gathered some information regarding the location and rewards from it. So what is…

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Class-Specific Covenant Abilities in Shadowlands

Class-Specific Covenant Abilities are one of the major features of the new Covenant system in Shadowlands. They are going to be one of the key reasons why players choose one Covenant over another. There are going to be four Covenants in Shadowlands: Kyrian, Night Fae, Necrolord and Venthyr. Each of them comes with one general ability which is available for all…

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54 awesome WoW Classic addons 2020 - Updated

Some of you might be a hardcore WOW Classic players, who don't use any addons, but I assume that most people enjoy the comfort of at least a few addons. In the last few months, the wow community managed to create a wide variety of WOW Classic addons and we've gathered the best 55 of them in this article. Where to…

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Class Abilities are Returning in WoW Shadowlands!

Through the years many Class abilities were removed by Blizz or were made specific for certain specialization. One of the best news from Blizzcon today was that Blizz decided to revert that process. Many abilities that were Spec specific or PVP specific will make a comeback and will become available for the Class in general. For exapmle Hunter's Mark is no…

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7 Vegan Chocolate Recipes - Gamer Food

Are you a chocolate addicted gamer like myself? If you are, you should definitely check out those 7 Vegan Chocolate Recipes! This is another post that I’ve dedicated to my goal of inspiring the Gaming community to live a healthier life. 7. Raw Hazelnut Chocolate CakesThose Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Cakes are the perfect healthy chocolate dessert. Check them Here. 6. Raw Brownie RecipeAmazing chocolate…

24 Oct 2020 Columns %

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13 Gluten-Free Halloween Recipes

Do you want to enjoy Halloween and be strict with your gluten-free diet? Then check out those 13 Gluten-Free Halloween Recipes! Sometimes it's very hard to enjoy some holiday meals without having some cheat-meals that are not suitable for your diet. I personally know that finding the perfect gluten-free recipe can be very challenging at times. That's why I've gathered some…

22 Oct 2020 Columns %

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12 World of Warcraft Horde Tattoo Ideas

Here are 12 World of Warcraft Horde Tattoo Ideas that will inspire you for your own World of Warcraft ink! The Horde and Alliance symbols are probably the most frequent Warcraft tattoo designs and this is true for a reason. They look awesome, they show you allegiance and they are suitable for many places (hands, shoulders, legs, chest, back, and others). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.   We…

21 Oct 2020 Columns Shadowlands %

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15 Healthy Halloween Cookie Ideas - Gamer food

Do you want to enjoy some Halloween treats, while avoiding eating unhealthy junk candy from the store? Those 15 Healthy Halloween Cookies Ideas will give you some tasty and healthy options for the holidays. As some of you probably know, my goal is to motivate the gaming community to live healthily and my way of doing so is by suggesting some…

20 Oct 2020 Columns %

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World of Warcraft Wallpapers - Shadowlands

With Shadowlands around the corner, we've gathered 8 amazing World of Warcraft Wallpapers for you to enjoy! 8. Sylvanas Windrunner Wallpaper Full size Here. 7. Icecrown Citadel Wallpaper Full size Here. 6. Bolvar Fordragon Wallpaper by bayardwu Full size Here. 5. The Lich King Wallpaper Full size Here. 4. Bolvar Fordragon Wallpaper Full size Here. 3. The Lich King Wallpaper 2 Full size Here. 2. Sylvanas vs the Lich King Wallpaper by Lightstore Full…

18 Oct 2020 Columns Shadowlands %

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11 Healthy Halloween Drink Recipes

Do you want to enjoy some healthy and delicious drinks at your Halloween gaming party? Here are 11 easy and healthy Halloween drinks to complete the night! My goal is to encourage more people from the gaming community to develop healthy habits and one of the best times to start something like this is during the holidays. 11. Pear-Rum PunchIf you're a…

18 Oct 2020 Columns Shadowlands %

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World of Warcraft Universe - Cosmic forces

The Cosmic forces in the World of Warcraft Universe are six - Light and Shadow, Life and Death, Order and Disorder. Light and ShadowLight and Shadow are the most fundamental forces in existence. Although contradictory by their very nature, they are bound together on a cosmic scale. One cannot exist without the other. Pure Light and Shadow dwell in a realm…

17 Oct 2020 Shadowlands %

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7 Lich King Tattoo ideas - World Of Warcraft Tattoos

Here are 7 Amazing Lich King Tattoo ideas that will inspire you for your own World of Warcraft ink! The Lich King is probably one of the most iconic villains in World of Warcraft and he has been a great inspiration for all kinds of art including tattoos.In this post, I've gathered some of the best Lich King tattoo ideas: 1. We found…

17 Oct 2020 Columns Shadowlands %

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Keto Halloween Treats - 15 Best Ketogenic Recipes for Halloween Treats

Do you want to enjoy some Halloween treats without counting calories? Then here are 15 best ketogenic Halloween treats recipes you will love! 15. Spooky Egg Eyeballs If you want to impress everyone on Halloween, those spooky eggs might be the dish that you need.Check it Here. 14. Blood Brains The name speaks for itself! This probably is one of the recipes that would…

16 Oct 2020 Columns %

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16 Amazing World Of Warcraft Tattoos

World of Warcraft can be a great inspiration for all kinds of art and tattoos are not an exception. We've gathered 16 amazing ideas for World Of Warcraft Tattoos. 1. Sylvanas tattoo 2. Horde tattoo 3. Sylvanas tattoo 4. Gul'dan tattoo 5. Gul'dan tattoo 6. Murloc tattoo 7. Illidan tattoo 8. Lich King tattoo 9. Hunter Crest tattoo 10. Horde tattoo 11. Lich King tattoo 12. Druid Crest tattoo 13. Lich King tattoo 14.…

15 Oct 2020 Shadowlands %

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10 Vegan Halloween candy ideas - Gamer Food

Do you want to enjoy some healthy and delicious Vegan Halloween candy while you enjoy the Hallow's End quests? Then here are 10 Vegan Halloween candy ideas that can replace the unhealthy Halloween foods that people usually eat! 10. Vegan Twix Bars If you're a hardcore Twix fan like me, you would definitely want to try this vegan Twix bar recipe. Check it…

29 Sep 2020 Columns Gamer Food %

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How to make Raw Vegan Chocolate bites with coconut and sesame - Gamer Food

Usually, gaming is associated with an unhealthy lifestyle and lost of junk food, but I don't agree that this is the case. Everyone loves to enjoy something sweet and delicious while raiding with the guild or during a battleground and that's totally fine if you replace the junks snacks with something healthy. Usually, I make those Raw Vegan Chocolate bites once…

28 Sep 2020 Gamer Food %

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