11 Healthy Halloween Drink Recipes

Do you want to enjoy some healthy and delicious drinks at your Halloween gaming party? Here are 11 easy and healthy Halloween drinks to complete the night!

My goal is to encourage more people from the gaming community to develop healthy habits and one of the best times to start something like this is during the holidays.

11. Pear-Rum Punch
If you’re a fan of peer and rum..this should be your Halloween drink.Halloween Drink
Check it Here.

10. Witches’ Brew Skinny Margarita
This vegan-friendly red and black margarita is the perfect Halloween party cocktail!Halloween Drinks
Check it Here.

9. Chaos Ladder
If you prefer whiskey, this whiskey cocktail recipe, sweet vermouth, lemon, orange, and raspberries balance the bitters.
Halloween Drink
Check it Here.

8. Vampire Blood Punch
The following three recipes are kid-friendly options, but you can never the less enjoy them if you’re not a child ;).

Check it Here.

7. Goblin Guts

Check it Here.

6. Candy Corn Smoothie

Check it Here.

5.Sparkling Cran Razzy

As you might imagine, most of the Halloween Drink recipes are “bloodish”.
Check it Here.

4. Whispering Wreath
Warm and tasty dark rum drink!

Check it Here.

3. Raspberry Limeade
Vegan-friendly, low-fat, and gluten-free Raspberry Limeade!

Check it Here.

2. Very Merry Punch
I could not make a post like this without a spiced hot-wine punch recipe.

Check it Here.

1. Sleigh Driver
My last suggestion for a healthy Halloween drink is this Sleigh Driver which includes nonalcoholic punch, pear, cranberries, and vanilla.
Halloween Drink
Check it Here.

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Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed those drinks and share your ideas for healthy food for gamers in the comments below!

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