54 awesome WoW Classic addons 2020 – Updated

Some of you might be a hardcore WOW Classic players, who don’t use any addons, but I assume that most people enjoy the comfort of at least a few addons. In the last few months, the wow community managed to create a wide variety of WOW Classic addons and we’ve gathered the best 55 of them in this article.

Where to find WOW Classic addons?
There are lots of WOW addon websites but in most cases, CurseForge would be the best place where you can find what you need. They have a huge variety of addons and you can use their client to install and update your addons.
We also recommend Will It Classic and WoWInterface if you can’t find the WOW Classic addons that you need in CurseForge.

How to install WoW Classic addons?
You can install your addons manually or via the Twitch Client.
If you decide to install them manually, you’ll need to download the .ZIP file of the addon you wish to install, extract it and put it into your game’s install location.
1. First, you’ll need to find your WOW Files. They are in the drive (by default it’s C) where you have your WOW installed. They will probably look like this C(or the drive that contains your WOW game):Program FilesBlizzardWorld of Warcraft_classic_.
2. Then you should find and browse the Interface folder and then the Addons folder inside of it.
3. Copy your extracted addon in the addons folder.
*if you just drag the .ZIP file it won’t work.
4. You are ready to use your addons!

We prefer to use the Twitch Client which lets you install, manage and update all of your addons very fast and easy.
In order to use Twitch Client for your WOW Classic addons, you should:
1. Download and install your Twitch application.
*skip that step if you already have it installed
2. Open your Twitch application
3. Go to the Mods section, then click World of Warcraft
4. Select the folder for WoW Classic from the top-right drop-down menu.
5. Install the addons that you wish to use directly from Twitch.
*when you are browsing for addons in twitch, be sure to look for “classic” or “wow classic”.

Now you just need to choose the addons that you need. To help you with that, we’ve made the ultimate WOW Classic addons list which includes 54 addons in few categories.

The Best User Interface Addons
The user interface of Classic is very different from the one in the live version of the game. The addons in this category will help you adjust the Action Bars, Unit Frames, Buffs and Debuffs, Nameplates, Bags, and more. Of course, those Addons are just suggestions and you can always play with the default settings if you prefer to keep the vanilla spirit of the game.

ArkInventory Classic – A configurable bag addon that allows you to sort, categorize, filter, and manage your inventory according to your own desires.
Bagnon -This is another bag addon that helps manage your inventory, as well as keep track of your inventory on other characters and banks, great for keeping track of your crafting mats.
Bartender4– This is a full ActionBar replacement mod. It provides you with all the features needed to fully customization most aspects of your action and related bars.
ClassicSpellActivations– Adds a highlight for spells that have special activation requirements.
ClassicAuraDurations – Adds a duration clock to your
debuffs, feature not present in Classic.
Masque (Classic) – This is a button reskinning that supports a variety of styles.
NeatPlates– This is a nameplate addon with a variety of presets and customization options, including debuff tracking, color coding based on hostility or threat, and more.
SimpleMap – This is a map customizing addon which reduces the size of the world map and removes the black background, allowing you to see the map without blocking out the rest of your screen, with an optional fader while moving.
Pitbull Unit Frames 4.0 – A very highly customizable unit frame addon, which allows you to rearrange, hide, or otherwise personalize your unit frames.
Shadowed Unit Frames – Another option for unit frame customization.
Tukui and ElvUI – A clean, lightweight, minimalist and popular user interface addon designed for people that want a more modern user interface without bloated features. This is a great UI to start minimal and fresh, more or less like what Blizzard offer with their base UI. Add your preferred addons over this interface for extra functionality.
Luna Unit Frames – Yet another option for user interface customization.
Advanced Interface Options – This addon exposes all interface options hidden by Blizzard. It also includes a useful cvar explorer, perfect for players that like to tweak their WoW Client.
Titan Panel Classic – Titan Panel Classic adds one or two information bars on the top and/or bottom of the screen and allows a framework for extensive plugin support.
Z-Perl UnitFrames – This is a complete replacement for Blizzard’s default unit frames, including raid frames and raid tools, with little remaining of the original Nymbia code.
Dominos – This addon will let you make vast customizations of your action bars.
OneBag3 Classic – A bag replacements for the default game bags that will combine all of your bags into one frame.

WOW Classic Addons

The Simple Map Addon

The Best Combat and Information Addons
The combat in WOW Classic can be quite challenging, because of the lack of cast bars, high threat generation and the big CDs of main abilities.
Classic Cast Bars – Adds target cast bars, which lets you know when and what the enemy is casting. This addon can be essential for PVP.
ClassicThreatMeter – This is a must-have addon for hardcore tanks and healers in WOW Classic. It’s showing a player’s relative threat values, letting you know who is close to taking aggro.
Details! Damage Meter Classic – A lightweight and simple damage meter.
HealComm – Healing addon that informs other healers about your incoming heals.
MikScrollingBattleText Classic – Customize and move the default damage numbers, along with support for incoming healing.
OmniCC – Addon that adds text to items, spell, and abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they will
be ready to use. In other words: it turns all the standard analog cooldowns into digital ones.
Real Mob Health – Shows the actual health values of enemies, not only the remaining percentage.
WeakAuras2 Classic – Addon that allows the player to create auras to track different aspects of the game.
Recount – Another damage and healing meter addon.
WeaponSwingTimer – Very useful to all classes that relay of physical damage. This addon will accurately track when you will hit your weapon on an enemy.

WOW Classic Addons

The Classic Cast Bars addon in action

The Best Addons for Dungeon and Raids
We’ve chosen only three Dungeon and Raid addons, but they are very powerful and will improve your PVE gaming experience in Classic.
AtlasLootClassic – Addon to check all loot tables from the game because Classic does not have a Dungeon Journal like retail.
BigWigs Classic – Adds timers and warnings for boss mechanics.
Deadly Boss Mods – Classic- Probably most of you are familiar with this addon. It adds timers and warnings for boss mechanics.

The Best Questing Addons
In Classic, questing is a very big part of the game and can be very, very challenging. The addons in this category will make your questing experience easy and smooth(as much it can be in Vanilla).
Classic Quest Log for Classic – Addon which restores the two-pane quest log, allowing you to see all of your quests on the left, and the currently selected quest information on the right.
Azeroth Auto Pilot – A Speed leveling addon that automates several parts of the questing experience, and directs you where to go based on your level.
Classic Codex – This addon shows available quests and quest mobs on the map, with several customizable options for auto quest accept/turn-in and various filter options.
Questie – Questie is a quest helper for World of Warcraft: Classic. It adds icons to the map for the quests in your log, and shows what quests you can pick up.
Quest Frame Fixer – Addon which correctly shows “?” and “!” icons in quest giver dialogue.
Quest Icon Desaturation – Simple addon which correctly turns quest giver dialogue markers grey for uncompleted quests.
MonkeyQuest – Quest and objective tracking addon.
Corduroy – Addon which displays map coordinates.
SimpleMap – Addon which makes it smaller and goes transparent when you’re walking.
TourGuide – This is a questing addon, which will set you on a certain path and will help you find the enemies you need to kill.
FasterLooting – FasterLooting is a simple addon with a simple purpose: loot instantly.
SellJunk – Addon which will automatically sell all junk to vendors.

WOW Classic Addons

The Questie addon showing information about the available and complete quests

The Best Addons for improving your Gameplay and quality of life inside Azeroth
Those are WOW Classic addons for general gameplay improvement, so most of them are mainly cosmetic.
Advanced Interface Options – This addon exposes all interface options hidden by Blizzard. It also includes a useful cvar explorer, perfect for players that like to tweak their WoW Client.
ItemTooltipProfessionIcons – Adds a small icon to item tooltips, indicating whether they’re used for a profession or quest.
Leatrix – Highly customizable and powerful quality of life addon meant to enhance the default user interface. You can do things like automatically sell gray-quality vendor trash, automatically release after death, auto-accept pending resurrections, and select, accept and turn-in quests without having to click through in-game prompts or menus manually.
MapCoords Classic – Another addon that adds coordinates both to your map and minimap.
TomCat’s Tours – Simple alternative map and coordinates addon.
Peace and Quiet – Automatically disables the General and Local Defense channels when you enter a PvP instance, dungeon, or raid.
Vendor Price – Shows the selling price of an item on the game’s tooltip for that item.
Atlas World Map – Adds highly detailed contouring, area labels, and other information to your world map, based primarily on minimap data.
ClassicLFG – Very useful addon for Classic, because it helps with the group finding for Dungeons and Quests, which can be tough.
Gatherer – Addon for herbalists, miners and treasure hunters in World of Warcraft. Its main purpose is to track the closest plants, deposits, and treasure locations on your minimap.

The Best Auction House Addons
Since money is scarce in Vanilla , the Auction House is one of the main sources of gold. With the addons below, you’ll be able to make the best deals for you and your guild, because we all now that the Class trainers won’t show mercy.
TradeSkillMaster 4 – The best Auction House addon, powerful and complete, it provides every tool you might need when dealing with the AH.
Auctionator – This is a lighter and more simple Auction House addon.

WOW Classic Addons

Preview of the TradeSkillMaster addon

WOW Classic gives us the opportunity to have a gaming experience which is quite different from the one we get from the retail version of the game. Every player has a different approach to Classic and for some people, addons are not necessary or even something that will spoil the gameplay, but we think that this guide will be very useful to most WOW Classic players.

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Best WOW Classic Addons

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