9 Shadowlands mounts you should know about

Mounts have always been one of the most anticipated pieces of new content in every World of Warcraft expansion and things are not different for Shadowlands.
I’ve selected 9 Shadowlands mounts that stand out from the rest and will most probably be the most wanted mounts for the new expansion. Keep in mind that this is a personal opinion and you may strongly disagree with me on this one.

Most of the shown mounts a few different versions in the game, but I’m choosing the one that looks the best in my opinion.

1. Highwind Darkmane
This fox-lion hybrid is a very well balanced mount model that will be suitable for most races.

Description: The Forsworn and their mounts take on a darker aspect upon renouncing the path laid forth by the Archon. While tame enough to ride, the Highwind Darkmane has a fiercely independent streak.
Flying Mount
Source: Adventures: Shadowlands

Shadowlands mounts

2. Darkwarren Hardshell
So this is one of the most epic new mount models for me! This beetle-like mount reminds me of something more Starcraft related that the usual horse-shaped mounts that we used to get in BfA.

Description: The Darkwarren Hardshell’s chitin is sturdy enough to withstand mortar shells and the dragon’s fire. It will also conveniently consume anything lacking anima if needed.
Ground Mount
Source: Adventures: Shadowlands

Shadowlands mounts

3. Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater
By far the most epic new mount !… and it’s not a surprise that you’ll be able to get it from PVP, right.

Description: This mount shows a proclivity for snacking upon the souls cast out of Revendreth.
Flying Mount
Achievement: Sinful Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1
Category: Player vs. Player

Shadowlands mounts

4. Voracious Gorger
Is the model new? …well kind of… Does it remind of half of the WoD mounts? ..well yeah…Does it look epic? I think it does, especially for the lovers of the tiny races of massive mounts…

Description: The devourers are presumed to have their origins in the In-Between, a space between the lands of the Shadowlands that few have explored.
Ground Mount
Achievement: Glory of the Shadowlands Hero
Category: Dungeons

Shadowlands mounts

5. Corridor Creeper
This mount model is true to its name…there are very few mounts that are truly creepy, but this one is among them for sure.

Description: The loyal hounds of the Jailer creep along the corridors in search of the scent of souls.
Ground Mount
Achievement: Twisting Corridors: Layer 8
Category: Torghast

6. Silessa’s Battle Harness
Armored beardog…I bet that you already want this mount, don’t you?

Description: Silessa fought valiantly alongside her master in the great incursion by the Light, following the battle her master set her to guard over a vault room. It is rumored that this vault is only accessible via the mirror travel network.
Ground Mount
Travel Network: Tier 3 Hidden Rooms
Covenant: Venthyr
Zone: Revendreth

Shadowlands mounts

7. Enchanted Winterborn Runestag
If you prefer to ride a magical and pretty mount..this is your best option.

Description: Winterborn runestags are the favored mount of the Winter Queen herself, and she only bestows such a creature on her most favored subjects.
Ground Mount
Covenant: Night Fae
Zone: Ardenweald

Shadowlands mounts

8. Vibrant Flutterwing
For all the Godzilla fans…we get to ride Mothra in Shadowlands! … I guess that doesn’t sound right:? Anyways, the mount looks epic, and again…it’s very different from the mounts that we had in BfA.

Description: These minty green moths are very friendly. They particularly enjoy having their head fuzz vigorously brushed. They also enjoy music and poetry.
Flying Mount
Covenant: Night Fae
Vendor: Cortinarius
Zone: Ardenweald

Shadowlands mounts

9. Armored Chosen Tauralus
This skullram will be the last mount in this list, but it’s one of the most epic for sure. I can imagine 99% of the Warriors riding this(the other 1% will be with the enchanted deer mount for sure) and a big portion of the DK’s as well.

Description: The tauralus has two tails, which are both absolutely necessary for whipping away buzzing pests like the bloodlouse.
Flying Mount
Covenant: Necrolord
Zone: Maldraxxus

Shadowlands mounts

Those are my pics for the most wanted mounts in Shadowlands. Do you like the new mount models and do you have a favorite Shadowlands mount already? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Also, check out the Class-Specific Covenant Abilities in WoW Shadowlands!

pictures: wowhead.com

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