Blood Death Knight Rotation, Enhancements and Stat priority – Patch 7.1

This post is where you will find information about your rotation/priority, any changes for multiple targets, and advanced tips; the best enchancements for Blood DKs and the stat priority for the class.

I. Rotations:
Single Target Rotation:
1. Start with applying  Blood Plague using  Blood Boil.
2. Use Consumption on cooldown
3. Use Death and Decay when you have the Crimson Scourge procs
4. Keep at least 5 stacks of Bone Shield using Marrowrend
5. Spend excess RP on  Death Strike (Death Strike is your most important self-healing ability. The most immediately apparent effect of Death Strike is that it heals you, so it is always well used after you have taken damage to heal yourself back up a bit and help the healers.As it depends on your damage taken in the previous 5 seconds, it should be used after taking high damage.)
6. While building stacks of  Bone Shield, use  Blood Boil to fill globals.

After you reach 5 stacks of Bone Shield:
  1. Use Death and Decay on CD
  2. Spend runes on Heart Strike
  3. Cast Blood Boil on empty globals

AoE Rotation for 2 targets:
   1. Apply Blood Plague using Blood Boil
   2. Cast Consumption on Cooldown
   3. Cast Death and Decay on Cooldown
   4. While building stacks of Bone Shield, use Blood Boil to fill globals.
   5. Maintain 5 stacks of Bone Shield with Marrowrend

After you reach 5 stacks of Bone Shield:
  1. Use Death and Decay on CD
  2. Spend runes on Heart Strike
  3. Cast Blood Boil on empty globals

AoE Rotation for 3+ targets:
   1. Apply Blood Plague using Blood Boil
   2. Cast Consumption on cooldown
   3. Cast Death and Decay on Cooldown
   4. Keep at least 1 stack of Bone Shield  using Marrowrend
   5. Use Heart Strike to generate high amounts of RP
   6. Spend excess RP on Death Strike
   7. Cast Blood Boil 

II. Stat priority:

Blood DKs have DPS oriented stat priority and Survivability stat priority:

For survivability: Haste > Mastery > Strength > Crit > Versatility
For DPS: Strength > Crit = Haste > Versatility = Mastery

What do you get from each stat:

Strength: Strength is your primary statistic. You should look for it in all of your upgrades. It provides you with Attack Power, which determines the damage your abilities do, and it also increases your chance to parry.
Haste: Haste makes your runes regenerate faster, giving you more resources and less empty globals
Crit: Crit gives your attacks a chance to deal double damage. Additionally, critical strike also gives parry. When getting the Skeletal Shattering trait, it will also give a chance for Bone Shield to reduce more damage.
Mastery: Mastery increases the shield percentage on your Death Strike. This increases the value greatly on lower-value Death Strikes, but its power decreases as you’re able to Death Strike for higher amounts.
Versatility: Versatility is simply a flat damage and healing increase.


III. Enhancements

Below you will find the complete list of enchants, gems, potions and food that are useful for Blood DKs in Legion.

There are only three gear slots can be enchanted with Legion gameplay enchants: necks, cloaks, and rings. There are also shoulder and glove enchants which can assist with professions.

Ring Enchants:
Enchant Ring – Binding of Haste or Enchant Ring – Word of Haste (Cheaper)
Cloak Enchant
Enchant Cloak – Binding of Strength or Enchant Cloak – Word of Strength

Neck Enchant:
Enchant Neck – Mark of the Heavy Hide 

Rune Weapon Enchant :
Stoneskin Gargoyle for general use and survivability, Rune of the Fallen Crusader  for DPS.

Quick Dawnlight or Quick Azsunite (Cheaper)

Potions and Flask:
Unbending Potion (Survivability)
Potion of the Old War (DPS)
Flask of Ten Thousand Scars (Stamina)
Flask of the Countless Armies (Strength)

Azshari Salad or Suramar Surf and Turf 

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