Blood Death Knight Talent Builds – Patch 7.1

This post about the best Blood DK talent builds and information about why we have chosen a specific build. The current build has been tested for Patch 7.1.

Tier 1 Talents:
Heartbreaker – the best choice in this tier, due to the passive Runic Power it generates.
Bloodworms – don’t heal for enough to make them viable.
Blooddrinker – doesn’t provide anywhere near the healing it would need in order to compete with Heartbreaker.

Tier 2 Talents:
Rapid Decomposition – the best talent in this tier is currently as it provides increased Runic Power generation which results in more Death Strike and therefore in better overall damage mitigation.
Spectral Deflection – currently too weak to be considered.
Soulgorge – even weaker, providing barely any benefit at all over simply having no talent.

Tier 3 Talents:
Ossuary – the best choice in this tier. Iit provide you with more Runic Power (by reducing the cost of Death Strike) and it increases in maximum Runic Power capacity makes the playstyle easier and more relaxed.
Anti-Magic Barrier – can be an alternative in the case of an encounter where you want to avoid being one-shot, but this should be a very rare occurrence.
Blood Tap – just not good enough at the moment.

Tier 4 Talents:
Red Thirst – by far the best talent in this tier. It further improves your already-best defensive cooldown.
Mark of Blood – can be useful in certain situations, but in general it’s too weak to consider.
Tombstone – is not currently competitive option.

Tier 5 Talents:
The choice in this tier comes down to either Tightening Grasp or March of the Damned. The choice depends on the specific encounter that’s why we recommend you to adjust your choice for each fight.
Tremble Before Me – currently useless in PvE content.

Tier 6 Talents:
Foul Bulwark – The default choice in this tier. Provides excellent synergy with Ossuary and increases your survivability by buffing the healing of your Death Strike (due to your increased maximum health).
Rune Tap – currently sub-optimal both in terms of DPS and Death Strike healing, but could potentially be useful on fights where there are consistent and predictable bursts of very high damage.
Will of the Necropolis – not currently viable at the moment.

Tier 7 Talents:
Purgatory – The best talent and the default choice in this tier should be because it provides an amazing boost to your survivability.
Blood Mirror – is a single target DPS increase, which you can also use to mitigate damage in the event of predictable, high damage periods.
Bonestorm – Alternatively, you can use Bonestorm , which is an AoE DPS increase and which can also be used to gain some survivability against many enemies.

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