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Voidtouched Egg – what’s inside ?

Have you already looted a Voidtouched Egg? If you are doing the current invasions and you haven’t looted the egg…you are missing some cool free rewards. I personally was unaware of this treat and I encountered the Voidtouched Egg without looking for it. In this short post, I’ve gathered some information regarding the location and…

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Class-Specific Covenant Abilities in Shadowlands

Class-Specific Covenant Abilities are one of the major features of the new Covenant system in Shadowlands. They are going to be one of the key reasons why players choose one Covenant over another. There are going to be four Covenants in Shadowlands: Kyrian, Night Fae, Necrolord and Venthyr. Each of them comes with one general…

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54 awesome WoW Classic addons 2019

Some of you might be a hardcore WOW Classic players, who don’t use any addons, but I assume that most people enjoy the comfort of at least a few addons. In the last few months, the wow community managed to create a wide variety of WOW Classic addons and we’ve gathered the best 55 of…

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Class Abilities are Returning in WoW Shadowlands!

Through the years many Class abilities were removed by Blizz or were made specific for certain specialization. One of the best news from Blizzcon today was that Blizz decided to revert that process. Many abilities that were Spec specific or PVP specific will make a comeback and will become available for the Class in general.…

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The Honest Wisp: Why do you keep playing WOW ?

WoW is now more than 14 years old and most people have more than 5 years of in-game experience (I’ve been gaming since 2007). Lately I’ve been asking myself “Why most people keep playing WoW after all this time?” Of course the answer may be very simple … the massive lore of the game ,…

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