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Voidtouched Egg – what’s inside ?

Have you already looted a Voidtouched Egg? If you are doing the current invasions and you haven’t looted the egg…you are missing some cool free rewards. I personally was unaware of this treat and I encountered the Voidtouched Egg without looking for it. In this short post, I’ve gathered some information regarding the location and…

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54 awesome WoW Classic addons 2019

Some of you might be a hardcore WOW Classic players, who don’t use any addons, but I assume that most people enjoy the comfort of at least a few addons. In the last few months, the wow community managed to create a wide variety of WOW Classic addons and we’ve gathered the best 55 of…

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Reputations in Battle for Azeroth

In BfA there will be total of 10 new factions: 2 neutral factions and 8 factions divided between the Horde and the Alliance. We’ve gathered information about all of the Reputations in Battle for Azeroth. How to gain reputation in BfA: – the storyline quests in each zone will bring you closer to Honored with the faction…

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Fel-Spotted Egg – What’s inside ?

Everyone are hatching a Fel-Spotted Egg( or few of them in the same time) at the moment, but do you know all of the things that you can get from the hatching egg ? I personally wasn’t aware of what kind of mount or toy I can get from it and that’s why I made…

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Hunter PVP Talents Build – Patch 6.2

Hello PVP Hunters ! We all know that many people are not sure which are the best talents for their class and that’s why I’m making this post. I can say that I have a lot of experience playing with a MM Hunter and here you will be able to see the Hunter PVP Talents…

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