Class-Specific Covenant Abilities in Shadowlands

Class-Specific Covenant Abilities are one of the major features of the new Covenant system in Shadowlands. They are going to be one of the key reasons why players choose one Covenant over another.

There are going to be four Covenants in Shadowlands: Kyrian, Night Fae, Necrolord and Venthyr. Each of them comes with one general ability which is available for all classes and one class-specific ability.

First, you should consider the usefulness of the General Covenant Abilities. They were announced as tools to explore the world in different ways, usually being used as ways to avoid combat.

Unburden: Dissolve into pure anima, increasing your movement speed to 300%, slowing your falling speed, and propelling you forward for 4 sec. Greatly reduces the radius at which enemies will detect you.

Transcend the Flesh: Separate your soul from your body for 20 sec. Your soul is invisible and untargetable, though your body remains vulnerable. This effect will end early if you move further than 60 yds from your body. When Transcend the Flesh ends or is cancelled, your body rejoins with your soul.

Night Fae
Soulshape: Turn into a Spirit Fox, increasing your movement speed by 30% and causing enemies to ignore you. Lasts 10 sec, or until cancelled while in a rest area.

Door of Shadows: Wend through the shadows, appearing at the targeted location.

All of the general abilities will be very useful for World PVP, questing, exploring and leveling in general.

In addition to the general abilities, Covenants will come with second Class-specific ability. Those abilities are going to be very different for each Covenant and players must consider the best ability/covenant for their playstyle and main focus (PVP or PVE).

Check out the Class-Specific Covenant Abilities:

*Note: All of the Mage class abilities are fully revealed, for the other classes we know only the Kyrian Covenant Abilities…for now.

Not all of the Class-specific Covenant abilities are revealed, but apparently they are one of the important features of the new expansion. Since we will have to choose a Covenant permanently, players must consider the best abilities for them in advance.

What do you think about the Covenant abilities so far?

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Covenant Abilities

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