Death knight

Death Knight Covenant Abilities

Each Covenant has Class-Specific abilities and in this post, we've gathered the Death Knight Covenant abilities. Most people will consider their Covenant allegiance depending on the usefulness of the Class-Specific ability that they can get from each Covenant. Some of the abilities are going to be more suitable for PVE situations, while others will have value only in PVP. *Note: Not all…

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Death Knight Spell Changes in Battle for Azeroth - 8.01 Beta Build

The new Death knight spells in Battle for Azeroth are Thoughtsieze and Death's Advance. New Death knight Spells: In the 8.01 Beta Build there aren't any new DK spells, but this is just the first beta build. Check out the Talent Calclator and Honor Talent Calculator for Death knights in Battle for Azeroth. Check out the detailed Spell changes in this wowhead post ==> Conclusion: We don't expect major changes in the…

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Legion PVP Gear Season 5

The new PVP Season in WOW Legion has started and with it comes the WOW Legion PVP gear for Season 5 ! Most of the sets look very good in our opinion. The difference between the Normal and Elite gear is quite significant, so we feel that there will a lot of active PVP players at the start of the Season.  Check out the…

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Legion PVP Season 5 - DEATH KNIGHT Armor set

The DK Season 5 PVP set is quite good in terms of colors and specific class shoulders and helm. The Elite set is just slightly better looking than the normal ones. Our expectation is that most people won't be looking for transmog when they get this set. More Season 5 Sets!   DK Season 5 Elite DK Season…

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Tier 20 Sets Preview - The Tomb of Sargeras

 This post  is a summary for the Tier 20 sets in WoW Legion. The new Tier 20 sets are coming live with patch 7.2 and the new raid - The Tomb of Sargeras.   The Tier 20 sets are inspired by the Tier 6 sets from the Black Temple. Is this a lack of ideas or just a genius idea for reviving the epic…

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Death Knight Tier 20

 Patch 7.2 will introduce the final raid for this expansion - The Tomb of Sargeras. The tier 20 sets will be inspired by the Black Temple tier 6 sets (which were some of the best looking sets in the game). More Tier 20 Sets! Below you can see the Death Knight Tier 20 sets for Normal and Mythic:

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Patch 7.2 - Class mounts

Maybe one of the most exciting new things about patch 7.2 are the Class mounts. Those mounts will be unique for each class and will be rewarded at the end of the Broken Shore / Legionfall questline/Order Hall Campaign. Each Class mount will be themed in the spirit of the Class ( and hopefully of the Spec). Class mounts were something that was…

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Death knight Tier 19

This is a short post about the new Death knight Tier 19 set. I think that the different variations of the DK Tier 19 set look amazing and I'm sure that all of my DK friends will like it.Enjoy the pictures!     Set Bonuses: Blood Death Knight Death Knight T19 Blood 2P Bonus - Blood Strike and Marrowrend generate 25% increased Runic Power. Death Knight T19 Blood…

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Blood Death Knight Macros and Addons - Patch 7.1

This post is were you will find information about useful Blood DK macros and Addons. I. Macros: Raise Ally: #showtooltip Raise Ally /cast Raise Ally This casts  Raise Ally  on mouseover, removing the need to click the target. Gorefiend's Grasp: #showtooltip Gorefiend's Grasp /cast Gorefiend's Grasp; Gorefiend's Grasp This allows you to cast Gorefiend's Grasp on either yourself or your target. Holding control while pressing the…

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Blood Death Knight Rotation, Enhancements and Stat priority - Patch 7.1

This post is where you will find information about your rotation/priority, any changes for multiple targets, and advanced tips; the best enchancements for Blood DKs and the stat priority for the class. I. Rotations: Single Target Rotation: 1. Start with applying  Blood Plague using  Blood Boil. 2. Use Consumption on cooldown 3. Use Death and Decay when you have the Crimson Scourge procs 4. Keep at least…

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Blood Death Knight Talent Builds - Patch 7.1

This post about the best Blood DK talent builds and information about why we have chosen a specific build. The current build has been tested for Patch 7.1. Tier 1 Talents: Heartbreaker - the best choice in this tier, due to the passive Runic Power it generates. Bloodworms - don't heal for enough to make them viable. Blooddrinker - doesn't provide anywhere near the healing…

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Death knight Highlights

This is a short preview of what you "should" know about Death knights. We have used a lot of "science" to make this infographic. Let us know if you think that we should add something.

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