The Honest Wisp: Why do you keep playing WOW ?

WoW is now more than 14 years old and most people have more than 5 years of in-game experience (I’ve been gaming since 2007). Lately I’ve been asking myself “Why most people keep playing WoW after all this time?”

Of course the answer may be very simple … the massive lore of the game , the enormous community, the relevant new content…or most likely a combination of factors. In the end of the day despite the negative feedback from the community for some of the new content and the direction of the main storyline, the majority of the community is still playing WOW after all this years.

Honestly I think that aside of the obvious factors there is something more that keeps people so attached to the World of Warcraft. We all have the feeling that we’re part of big story in the game. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about people who honestly hate the opposite faction (for Teldrassil, or Undersity), or the ones who enjoy saving Azeroth over and over again, or the people who celebrate every holiday in the game ,because they feel it like a real life holiday….for most people this isn’t just a game (I know that some people won’t agree).

But those are only my thoughts….

What are your reasons for playing WOW ? What are the things that kept your passion for playing WOW alive ?

Please share your thoughts 🙂

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  1. Because no matter how much the current development team screws up the game, there is quality material left over from earlier years.

    Things as simple as jumping in WoW stand out–more fluid than in other games.

    No matter how much shit they pile on, the base to this game is simply has a stronger core than what newer MMORPG’s come with. Take FFXIV, for instance. As comparable to a Vanilla WoW playstyle as that may be, we started with the inability to even swim, tons of invisible walls, complex maps (compared to WoW). AKA–I do not consider it to have a solid foundation, even if a higher quality development team paving the way for an increasingly bright future.

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