The Honest Wisp: Is Survival a Hunter Spec ?

First of all I need to say that this post represents my personal thoughts regarding the Survival Hunter Spec. 

I have nearly 10 years of experience playing Hunter in WOW and I can clearly say that this is my main class. I choose this class, because it was very,very different in terms of gameplay.

I was very surprised when Blizzard announced that in the Legion expansion we will have a melee spec – Survival. I thought that it will be very hard for them to make different that all the other melee specs/classes and I didn’t believe that the Survival Hunter will keep the spirit of the Hunter class in general.

….And now .. 6 months after the release of the expansion I finally activated the Survival spec on my Hunter.
My thoughts about it:
– the first shocking thing is the idea for chasing instead of  kiting your target….(I’ve NEVER played a melee class before). This change of concept was very hard for me especially in PVP.
– the spec is very resilient and versatile, because of the insanely buffed traps (and some other abilities). As a MM in Legion I was using only the Freezing trap in PVP.
– massive and sustained AoE damage.
– the spec is able to put a lot of pressure in PVP. With all the DoTs and traps it was surprisingly easy to take out enemy healers or flag carriers.
– the Survival Hunter is very dependent on a good setup to be able to provide a decent burst damage.

Those are my first thoughts on the Survival Hunter…please keep in mind that I’ve tried it only for a day…

To be Honest I was expecting a Rogue with pet or a Warrior without the armor, but now I think that Survival is still a true Hunter spec. For me it’s much harder to play than MM and BM at the moment,but with the corect tactic you can easily wipe out a BM or a MM hunter in 1v1.

Honesly …I love it ..for now ( we will see how succesful is the Survival Hunter at higher ranking).

Since this is my opinion …please let me know what do you thin about the Survival Hunter in Legion in the comments below 🙂


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Two comments

  1. This style of Hunter (melee) since the beginning of the game this led to the joke that everything is a Hunter weapon. Survival wasnt a ranged class until Cata, meaning its been a melee spec longer then its been a ranged spec, being a Hunter main you should already know most of this. Take a peak at specifically the Hunter Survival tree which primarily increased the damage of your melee abilities. Blizzard actually has taken the class back to its roots, kinda, back closer to the original concept. Also id say if you’re chasing people you’re doing it wrong, you harpoon to them.

    Otherwise good post, ends on a hopeful out look on the spec which i liked.

    1. Those old talents are epic…and I can see that most of the Suvival talents were melee oriented, so I guess you’re right that the Survival Hunter is back to it’s roots 🙂

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