How to get Glimr – Secret Purple Murloc Battle Pet

Apparently, there is a new secret purple murloc battle pet named Glimr and in this short guide, I’ll show you how to get it!

Murloc have always been one of the favorite races in World of Warcraft and probably that’s why the murloc battle pets are so valuable. Being able to get a new cute murloc battle pet sounds as tempting as it could be, that’s why I’ve made this short guide on how to get Glimr.

In order to obtain Glimr, you’ll need to complete a short questline for the Glimmerfin tribe.

1. First you’ll need to find a Glimmerfin Scout atop an iceberg at 18.4 88.2, south of the Venture Bay area in Grizzly Hills. He will drop a scale, which starts the quest chain with Glimmerfin Scale. You’ll have to deliver it to King Mrgl-Mrgl by the Winterfin Retreat in Borean Tundra.

This is the iceberg:

How to find Glimr

2.Then you’ll be sent to find the Glimmerfin tribe with the quest Glimmerfin Welcome.
You’ll need to find some crab meat from the crabs south of Venture Bay and deliver it to the leader of the tribe Glimmergut, inside the boat wreckage underwater in the Venture Bay area.

3.The next quest is called A Big Horkin’ Task, where you’ll have to gather the blubber of a nearby seal named Horker. Then you’ll have to deliver it to the Glimerfin Oracle.

4. The next quest is called Pearl in the Deeps, Where you’ll have to retrieve a Giant Pearl in the quest Pearl in the Deeps. The pearl is a little beyond fatigue waters, and an elite snake, Gem-Eyes, is guarding the pearl, but it should be very easy to avoid it.

5. The next part is pretty straightforward – you’ll need to fight Trainer Grrglin in a Pet Battle in Trainer’s Test. He has two aquatic and one critter pet. You should not have any problems with him if you have a decent 25 battle pet collection.

6. Next, you’ll head back to the Glimmerfin Tribe and help the oracle hatch one of their eggs. For this purpose, you’ll have to complete the Wrap it Up quest and gather some special seaweed. You can find it near the boat wreckage.

7. It’s not a surprise that the final quest will present you with the challenge of killing a “boss”. The quest is called Guardian of the Smallest and for it, you’ll have to kill the Great Mua’kin, a nearby purple makrura.

8. After you defeat him, you’ll finally be able to get Glimr’s Cracked Egg battle pet!

I hope that this post was useful, and you’ll be able to get your purple murloc battle pet with ease.

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How to get Glimr
How to get Glimr

How to get Glimr


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