How to be a HUNTER, not a Huntard !

Most people don’t like and even hate hunters. Even some of my friends are hunter-haters. For me there are two main reasons for that. The first one is because many of the new hunters are…retarded.The other reason is that good and experienced hunters are one of the top DPS in PVE and one of the best classes in PVP.

I won’t talk about the good things about the hunter class. Instead I will talk about what we shouldn’t do as hunters if we don’t wan’t to see only HUNTARD in the chat.

I think that there are some very common things that huntards make:

1.Forget to turn off Growl on your pet – if your pet is taking the aggro from the tank, you will get few Huntards from him or even kick from the raid or dungeon;
2.Pull the Boss – I don’t know why, but many hunters like to be pullers….and most times this results into wipe..;
3.Use Feign Death in the most retarded spot – examples: fire,spikes,lava or anything that is on the floor and has unusual color;
4.And the most annoying thing – spamming Pew,Pew,Pew in the chat….- this can result in a storm of Huntards for you. Some of your fellow raiders might even try to kill you..
I’ve collected some fun art about Huntards:

huntard (1)







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