Mage Covenant Abilities

Each Covenant has Class-Specific abilities and in this post, we’ve gathered the Mage Covenant abilities. Most people will consider their Covenant allegiance depending on the usefulness of the Class-Specific ability that they can get from each Covenant.

Some of the abilities are going to be more suitable for PVE situations, while others will have value only in PVP.

*Note: Not all of the Class-Specific Covenant abilities have been released, but we’ll update this post as soon as we have more information.

Kyrian Covenant Abilities
Radiant Spark – Conjure a radiant spark that causes 75% of Spell power Arcane damage instantly and additional 29.6% of Spell power damage over 8 sec.The target takes 10% increased damage from your direct damage spells, stacking each time they are struck. This effect ends after 4 spells.

Anima-Flecked Topaz – Reduce the cooldown of Radiant Spark by [abs(5)] seconds.
Long-Forbidden Words – Radiant Spark can be cast instantly and interrupts spellcasting.
Scroll of the Arcane Meditator – Radiant Spark’s initial damage is increased by 100%.
Urael’s Finality – After hitting an enemy with Radiant Spark, the damage of your 4th subsequent direct damage spell against that target is increased by an additional 600%.
Winged Curio – Extend the duration of Radiant Spark by 4 seconds.
Wizard’s Prayer – 800% of the damage dealt by Radiant Spark is returned as healing to the mage’s party.

Necrolord Covenant Abilities
Deathborne: Transform into a powerful Skeletal Mage for 20 sec. While in the form of a Skeletal Mage, your Frostbolt , Fireball , and Arcane Blast hit up to 2 enemies near your target, and your spell damage is increased by 10%.

Night Fae Covenant Abilities
Shifting Power: Draw from the ground beneath you for 6 sec, dealing (60% of Spell power) Nature damage every 2 sec to nearby enemies.While channeling, your Mage ability cooldowns are reduced by (– 3000 / 1000) sec every 2 sec.

Venthyr Covenant Abilities
Mirrors of Torment: Conjure 3 mirrors to torment the enemy for 20 sec. Whenever the target casts a spell or ability, a mirror is consumed to inflict (75% of Spell power) Shadow damage and their movement and cast speed are slowed by 15%. The final mirror will instead inflict 198% of Spell power) Shadow damage to the enemy, Rooting and Silencing them for 4 sec.

Check out the other Class-Specific Covenant abilities

Mage Covenant Abilities

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