Mysterious Treasure Map – Rewards

Blizzard added new reward in Patch 8.1 – the Mysterious Treasure Map. This map is the weekly reward from Island Expeditions, so as you can imagine the rewards from it are quite desirable.

To be honest this is something very ,very fresh and we think that as time goes by we will uncover even more rewards from Mysterious Treasure Map.

For now the WOW community has reported the following rewards:
-2000 AP
-5000 gold
-16-21 Titan Residuum
-BoE’s (seems to be anything that can also drop from Island expeditions)

The bonus reward is always 1500 AP.

Important: Apparently you’ll need to start the mission 8 hours after obtaining Mysterious Treasure Map, because afterwards it’ll disappear from your war table.

What did you get from your first Mysterious Treasure Map ? Did you manage to start the mission on time ?

Please let me know in the comments below 🙂

Mysterious Treasure Map

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