New Hunter Pets in Patch 8.1 – Blood Beasts

Are you ready for some new Hunter pets ? In patch 8.1 we will have whole new Hunter pet family – Blood Beasts!

What are Blood Beasts ?

Blood Beasts are the newest Hunter pet family and for now they include Crawgs and Blood Ticks.

How to tame them ?

Hunters will learn the ability to tame them by obtaining the  Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers. Currently there isn’t any information regarding the drop rate or the NPCs that will be dropping it, but we will have an update soon.

*Update /23.12.2018/ – Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers is dropped by Zul on Normal and Heroic. The drop rate is 100%.

Which are the abilities that they have ?

The special family ability is Blood Bolt – which is a 50% movement speed slow with 10-yard range.
They also have Survival of the Fittest and Endurance Training, because they are Tenacity pets.

What do you think about the new hunter pets and would you use a Blood Beast ?

New Hunter Pets

Check out Petopia for all of the Blood Beasts pet models.

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