Allied Races – Nightborne – Preview and Analytics

One of the new playable races will be The Nightborne. If you’ve are playing Legion you should be quite familiar with the story of Thalyssra and the Nightborne.

In Battle for Azeroth the Nightborne will be joining the Horde which is quite unfortunate for many of the Alliance players, because the nightborne can easily be classified as one of the most fascinating allied races.

How to unlock the Nightborne
In order to unlock the Nightborne as a playable race, you’ll need a level 110 character adn the following two achievements:
– Exalted with The Nightfallen;
– Insurrection.

Which Classes can you play as a Nightborne ?
So unfortunately as a nightborne you won’t be able to play every class in the game (what a surprise). You will be able to choose from the following classes:

What are the Nightborne Racials ?
There are going to be 5 racials for each of the allied races:
Cantrips – Conjure up an Eldritch Grimoire, allowing you mail access for 1.5 min.

Arcane Pulse – Deals 5000 Arcane damage to nearby enemies every 2 seconds and snares them by 50%. Lasts 20 sec.
Ancient History – Inscription skill increased by 15. (Passive)
Magical Affinity – Increases magical damage 1%. (Passive)
Arcane Resistance – Reduces magical damage taken by 1%. (Passive)

Will the Nightborne have racial mount ? 
The answer is Yes! and as you may suspect is will be a mana saber:
Nightborne Manasaber

Nightborne Manasaber

Nightborne Manasaber


Will they have some kind of unique transmog sets ?

There are going to be some Heritage Armor sets:

Nightborne Heritage Armor Sets

Nightborne Heritage Armor Sets


The Nightborne are one of the emblematic races from Legion and they deserve major role in the upcoming events in Azeroth. That’s why we were very pleased when Blizzard announced that they will add them as a playable faction and race.

The Arcane Pulse racial ability will be very valuable for tanks and for PVP. The Passive abilities will make the nightborne very desirable race for casters and magic damage dealers.

The big question is will Suramar be the main nightborne city, but for now there is no information on that topic.

What do you think about the Allied races in general and the nightborne in particular ? 

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