Your opinion on the Tides of Vengeance mounts – full list

Do you love collecting new mounts ? I bet you do… in the following posts we’ve gathered all of the mounts that will be added in the game with the new patch – Tides of Vengeance.

As I’ve mentioned, we’ve gathered all of the Tides of Vengeance mounts, because for me it’s very important to know what I’ll need to do in order to get the mounts I need.

Because the Patch is stuffed with lots of new mounts, I’ve grouped them in several separate posts.

Tides of Vengeance mounts:
Darkshore Warfront mounts
PVP Mounts
Island expeditions mounts
The Hivemind
Frog mounts
Battle of Dazar’alor Mounts
Vendor mounts

What do you think about the upcoming mounts ? Do you think that Blizzard had done good job ?

Tides of Vengeance mounts

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