Paladin Tier 19

This is a short post about the new Paladin Tier 19 set. We will be short about this one…AWESOME Set ! Must have if you are a paladin (if you are not..just make one). Enjoy the pictures!

Set Bonuses: 

Holy Paladin
Paladin T19 Holy 2P Bonus – Increases Holy Shock’s critical strike chance by 15%.
Paladin T19 Holy 4P Bonus – Infusion of Light has 2 additional charges.

Retribution Paladin
Paladin T19 Retribution 2P Bonus – Your Holy Power attacks deal 20% more damage.
Paladin T19 Retribution 4P Bonus – The effect of Conviction can stack 2 additional times and you have a 20% chance to gain an additional application each time it triggers.

Protection Paladin
Paladin T19 Protection 2P Bonus – Avenger’s Shield increases the effect of Shield of the Righteous and Light of the Protector by an additional 10%.
Paladin T19 Protection 4P Bonus – Shield of the Righteous has a 35% chance to reset the cooldown on Light of the Protector.


More Tier 19 Sets!

491170-paladin-mythic-tier-19 499563-tier-19-paladin-normal 499564-tier-19-paladin-normal 499565-tier-19-paladin-normal 499566-tier-19-paladin-normal 520295-paladin-elite-pvp

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