Rogue Tier 19

This is a short post about the new Rogue Tier 19 set . Another Tier 19 set and again I can only say that this time Blizz has put a lot of efford on those Tier 19 sets.  Enjoy the pictures!

Set Bonuses: 

Subtlety Rogue
Rogue T19 Subtlety 2P Bonus – Nightblade lasts 2 additional sec per combo point spent.
Rogue T19 Subtlety 4P Bonus – Shadowstrike has a 50% chance to generate a combo point when used on targets affected by your Nightblade.

Outlaw Rogue
Rogue T19 Outlaw 2P Bonus – Saber Slash has an additional 10% chance to trigger Main Gauche.
Rogue T19 Outlaw 4P Bonus – Run Through has a 50% chance to make your next Saber Slash cost no Energy.

 Assassination Rogue
Rogue T19 Assassination 2P Bonus – Mutilate also causes the target to Bleed for 25% additional damage over 6 sec.
Rogue T19 Assassination 4P Bonus – Envenom deals 8% additional damage per Bleed you have on the target.


More Tier 19 Sets!

492191-tier-19-rogue-normal 492194-tier-19-rogue-normal

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  1. If you think about it, M+ is a new type of content, sort of parallel to raiding. If they make tier bonuses too powerful, then raiders will have an edge over M+ers, which will diminish the interest in running M+ dungeons.

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