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7 Lich King Tattoo ideas – World Of Warcraft Tattoos

Here are 7 Amazing Lich King Tattoo ideas that will inspire you for your own World of Warcraft ink! The Lich King is probably one of the most iconic villains in World of Warcraft and he has been a great inspiration for all kinds of art including tattoos.In this post, I’ve gathered some of the…

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16 Amazing World Of Warcraft Tattoos

World of Warcraft can be a great inspiration for all kinds of art and tattoos are not an exception. We’ve gathered 16 amazing ideas for World Of Warcraft Tattoos. 1. Sylvanas tattoo 2. Horde tattoo 3. Sylvanas tattoo 4. Gul’dan tattoo 5. Gul’dan tattoo 6. Murloc tattoo 7. Illidan tattoo 8. Lich King tattoo 9.…

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