The Broken Isles Map

It’s a very big day for all World of Warcraft players, because today we’ve learned the name of the new expansion in WOW. I’m going to start a series of info post about the new expansion. As you know this site is all about my point of view on the thing is WOW.


The Broken Isles Map

The Broken Isles Map

The new expansion will take place on a continent called the Broken Isles.
There are going to be six zones on this continent:
– The Broken Shore;
– Suramar;
– Azsuna;
– Stormheim;
– Val’sharah;
– Highmountain.

We can add Dalaran as a 7-th zone, but it will be only the city and that’s why I’m separating it.

I don’t think that those zones will be very large, but we will see when the beta hits.
I will make different posts about each zone, when I have more detailed information.

I don’t think that we could say that the Broken Isles map indicates that this continent will have a similar structure as some of the previous continents, so I guess that this is a very good sign.

Stay tuned for more spicy info about our brand new expansion !

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