The Honest Wisp

The Honest Wisp: Why do you keep playing WOW ?

WoW is now more than 14 years old and most people have more than 5 years of in-game experience (I've been gaming since 2007). Lately I've been asking myself "Why most people keep playing WoW after all this time?" Of course the answer may be very simple ... the massive lore of the game , the enormous community, the relevant new…

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The Honest Wisp: Is Survival a Hunter Spec ?

First of all I need to say that this post represents my personal thoughts regarding the Survival Hunter Spec.  I have nearly 10 years of experience playing Hunter in WOW and I can clearly say that this is my main class. I choose this class, because it was very,very different in terms of gameplay. I was very surprised when Blizzard announced that…

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