Upcoming PvP Tuning – September 26 – Fair or not ?

So Blizzard posted the upcoming PVP Tuning changes that will kick in tomorrow (September 26):

Originally posted by Blizzard

With maintenance tomorrow, we’re planning to deploy the following PvP tuning:

Shred now deals an additional 25% damage while stealthed in PvP situations (was 50%).
Rake now deals an additional 50% damage while stealthed in PvP situations (was 100%).
Enraged Maim now costs 5 Combo Points.
Enraged Maim incapacitates the target for 5 seconds (was 6 seconds).
Enraged Maim now has a 10 second cooldown (was 6 seconds).
The damage of the Lunar Inspiration version of Moonfire is reduced by 20% in PvP situations.
Ferocious Wound reduces the maximum health of the target by 15% (was 25%).

Demon Hunter
Imprison‘s duration on players is now 3 seconds (was 4 seconds).
Detainment increases Imprison‘s cooldown to 45 seconds, up from 30 seconds.

PvP Template Versatility increased by 5%
PvP Template Armor increased by 10%
Mana Regeneration increased by 5% in PvP situations.
Life Cocoon‘s absorb is increased by 10% in PvP situations.

Avenging Crusader heals for 175% of damage dealt (was 200%).

Earth Shield reduces all damage the target takes by 10% (was 15%).

Chaos Bolt‘s damage is reduced by 10% in PvP situations.
Focused Chaos increases Chaos Bolt damage by 65% (was 75%).
Firestone increases critical strike chance by 65% (was 75%).
PvP Template Intellect increased by 6%.

None of my main Classes/specs are affected by those changes, so I can’t say if they are fair or not. That’s why I wanted to hear your opinion ..

Do you think those changes are fair ?

Do you think that some of the other classes/specs need some changes and if they do what should be changes in therms of PVP balance ?

Please let us know in the comments below !

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