Voidtouched Egg – what’s inside ?

Have you already looted a Voidtouched Egg? If you are doing the current invasions and you haven’t looted the egg…you are missing some cool free rewards. I personally was unaware of this treat and I encountered the Voidtouched Egg without looking for it. In this short post, I’ve gathered some information regarding the location and rewards from it.

So what is a Voidtouched Egg?
The Voidtouched Egg can be looted in Uldum during any invasion and when you interact with it start the quest !The Incredible Egg, which will require you to return to Ramkahen and meet with the draenei explorer NPC H’partho Ardoros.

How to find it?
You can find the Voidtouched Egg on the western area of Uldum near Ankhaten Harbor/Schnottz’ Landing, at the coordinates 20.8 62.0 during any N’zoth invasion.

Voidtouched Egg

What happens after I loot and bring back the egg?

Once you’ve returned the egg to Ramkahen, a series of quests will start divided into three stages. Each day you’ll get a daily or a unique quest depending on the current invasions. Daily quests award 300 experience for your egg, and Unique quests award 900 experience. During each stage you’ll need to fill the experience bar of the egg to 4999/5000, requiring you to return the next day to finish that growth stage. And it the end of each stage you’ll get a reward.

Voidtouched Egg

What are the rewards from it?
As I said, there is a reward after completing each of the three stages. The reward after the first stage is a toy – Aqir Egg Cluster. After completing the second stage, you’ll get a companion pet – Shadowbarb Hatchling. And finally, after a few weeks of quests, you’ll complete the final third stage which rewards you with mount – Shadowbarb Drone.

Voidtouched Egg

This mechanic reminds me of the Green proto-drake hunting back in WotLK which was an amazing experience. The quests are well embedded into other objectives and don’t require much time, but you still need to be very consistent if you want to get all of the rewards. The mount is amazing and in general, I love this addition in the current patch.

I hope this post was useful and I would love to learn your opinion on the Voidtouched Egg mechanic, so please share it in the comments below.

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