Warlock Covenant Abilities

Each Covenant has Class-Specific abilities and in this post, we’ve gathered the Warlock Covenant abilities. Most people will consider their Covenant allegiance depending on the usefulness of the Class-Specific ability that they can get from each Covenant.

Some of the abilities are going to be more suitable for PVE situations, while others will have value only in PVP.

*Note: Not all of the Class-Specific Covenant abilities have been released, but we’ll update this post as soon as we have more information.

Kyrian Covenant Abilities
Scouring Tithe – Deal (100% of Spell power) Arcane damage instantly and (144% of Spell power) over 18 sec. If the enemy dies while affected by Scouring Tithe, you generate 5 Soul Shards. If they survive, Scouring Tithe’s cooldown is refreshed.

Ash and Anima – Scouring Tithe finishes its entire effect in 65% less time.
Indebting Word – Increase Scouring Tithe’s periodic damage by 75%.
Languishing Soul Detritus – Increase the duration of Scouring Tithe by 200%.
Shard of Slath’gerrar – Scouring Tithe can be cast instantly.
Tithing Dish – If an enemy dies while under the effects of Scouring Tithe, they instantly grant 25 Phantasma to all players.
Tome of Taking – Reduce the cooldown of Scouring Tithe by [abs(6)] seconds.

Necrolord Covenant Abilities
Decimating Bolt – Hurl a bolt of shadow magic at your target, dealing [4 * (200% of Spell power)] Shadow damage and increasing the damage of your next Incinerates, Drain Souls, or Shadow Bolts by 250%. Decimation Bolt’s damage, and the bonus to Incinerate, Drain Soul, or Shadow Bolt both increase as your target’s health decreases.

Night Fae Covenant Abilities
Soul Rot – Wither away all life force of your current target and up to 3 additional targets nearby, causing them to suffer (100% of Spell power) Nature damage over 8 sec. Drain Life will also be cast on any enemy affected by your Soul Rot. Consumes 20% of maximum health when cast.

Venthyr Covenant Abilities
Impending Catastrophe – Call forth a cloud of chaotic anima that travels to the target enemy, dealing (100% of Spell power) Shadow damage to enemies within their path. When the anima reaches the target it explodes, inflicting a random Curse and dealing (261% of Spell power) Shadow damage over 12 sec to all nearby enemies.

Check out the other Class-Specific Covenant abilities

Warlock Covenant Abilities

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