WoW Statistics 01.2019 – Infographic

Today I’ve made a Infographic with detailed WoW Statistics for the beginning of 2019.

I think that most people in the WoW community are interested in all kinds of statistics related to WoW. Which is the most popular race at the moment ? Which is the most common profession ? How many people are playing my class at the moment?

I personally ask myself those question quite often and today I’ve decided to make a quick research on the topic.
It turns out that there’s a great resource for WoW Statistics and it’s a website called : If you are interested in all kinds of WoW related statistics you should check it out!

It was very interesting for me to find that Herbalism and Alchemy are by far the most common professions. Also it turns out that Blood elf are the most popular race (20,4% of all 120 lvl characters are Blood elfs).
As a Hunter, I was very pleased to see that the 3 most common classes are Hunter, Paladin and Druid.

Because I wanted to show the full stats in readable way, I’ve made an Infographic which contains some useful data. I’m planning on making this “report” for each month of 2019, because it’ll be interesting to see if future content reflects on the race/class/profession distribution in WoW…But enough with my statistic obsession. Below you’ll find the Infographic with the full WoW Statistics.

Please let me know if you would like more posts/infographics of that kind. Also leave a comment below with your thoughts.

WoW Statistics

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